A new concept in food, a kitchen in your area staffed with professional chefs preparing daily meals.


Chefs prepare free range chicken, grass-fed meat, freshly caught fish, and locally and seasonally sourced vegetables as a walk in experience to customers on a daily basis in and around Cape Town. Chefs approached us in taking their vision of moving it to an eCommerce platform and extending their range to a fresh Deli allowing customers to have their meals delivered or allowing them to collect at the kitchen.


Our challenge in the development of their eCommerce presence was to incorporate specific timing based on when the kitchen opened for lunch or supper and align it with allowing customers to take orders during specific time slots.

What We Did



No menus, no waiters, no fancy décor, just three meal choices. Sound horrific? Depends on how much you like good food and dislike the fuss that normally surrounds it.

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