Case Studies

We are motivated by our clients’ success.

A few words from our clients

I am so grateful to your team for transforming my business, providing the support I so needed, and the expertise I was lacking. You are an incredible team and the qualities that stand out for me are the combination of such awesome creative and technical talent, brilliant ideas, excellent communication and fabulous follow-through, combined with your beautiful warmth , enthusiasm, optimism,and endless positive energy!Marketing and social media are not my strengths, and having you driving that part of the business freed me to get on with what I am good at.Thank you for being so flexible in finding a solution that works for me. You guys deserve to fly...wishing you every success, and I do blow your trumpet every opportunity I have!

Expand have provided us with a professional, creative, personal service that has transformed our business's image. They have guided and supported us in getting on to social media and it has been a delight to work with them. Expand Team thank you both so much for your understanding and generosity, may your business go from strength to strength.